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QritekJapan offers " the highest level technologies of iris recognition "

most suitable for the certification of the "iPhone" and "smartPhone"

"MirrorKey" : iris recognition equipment

・Realized highly precise iris authentication system at low cost.
・The iris certification device which built-in a subminiature
 high-speed iris certification module.

Access Control System "EMA-30"

・Realize: small size, high speed and low-cost
・Adapt to wide illumination environment : 50-10,000 lux
・Refused ”the fake" by detecting the live eye.
・Possible to connect the network(Lan,Wan) with server and PC.
・The combination with RF card and password is possible    

main use
・Access Control/time and atendance
・Diligence and laziness managemet

Micro iris recognition module

・Most sutable to develop the Iris recognition products for various security solutions.
・The module achieves the high accuracy, the minimum size and the cost reduction.

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